Bronze Ground Rod Clamps

About us

Fenix Metal Link

Fenix Metal Link insists upon unmatched quality and excellent customer services at most competitive prices. Our Plant has been installed with latest and ultra modern automatic Manufacturing equipments to produce Precision Components strictly as per International Standards.

Our Quality Control team continuously monitors the products and users requirement right from the productions stage up to the final dispatch.

Our Commitment to quality is evident from the facts that we manufacture the products in accordance with the relevant international standard and have the necessary product approvals.

In response to the Customers specific design and drawings we look for the requirements and goods are supplied accordingly.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer technical support services, from Design advice to Testing and Commissioning of the Product. Due to strict quality control procedures our customers are kept ensured that their requirements are met accurately and consistently.

Quality Matters

Jamnagar has been known as the ‘Brass Parts – Brass Components’ center of the world. We have ready infrastructure to make all sorts of your needs. Our 9 Engineers Team round the clock ensure impeccable quality for our discerning customers from UK, Germany, USA, Australia and Canada etc. Contact us to know about how can we fulfill your requirements.

Quality Standard

European Standard
(DIN – German Standards)
European Metal Codes B.S. Material
Codes British Standard
UNS Material
Codes American Standard
S.S. Material
Codes Scandinavian standards
CuZn36Pb2 As CW602N CZ132 C35330 SS-5170
CuZn36Pb3 CW603N CZ124 C36000 SS-5112
CuZn39Pb2 CW612N CZ128 SS-5168
CuZn38Pb1.50 CW608N CZ128 SS-5243
CuZn37Pb2 CW606N CZ131 C35300 SS-5114
CuZn38Pb2 CW608N CZ128 C38500 SS-5122
CuZn39Pb3 CW614N CZ121 C37710 SS-5150
CuZn40Pb2 CW617N CZ122 SS-5163

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